Sep 21

dupontfarmsmk430In case you hadn’t already figured this out, Fall is the best time of the year for seasonal produce.  Some of the best the summer has to offer is at its peak, and still readily available, along with autumn favorites that are beginning to flesh out and fill the fields.

In short, it makes for a bounty of choices to cook with and I always eagerly await this time of year. On a recent visit to the Dupont market, a large sign advertised the last of the summer’s local peaches and shoppers greedily snatched them up. And for good reason, as I believe peaches really didn’t come into their own this year until late in the season. The samples at Sunday’s Dupont market were drippingly sweet and floral and ripe for the getting. I also happily stumbled upon my favorite early Fall squash: Delicata.



It is less dense than other varieties, has a subtle nutty flavor, and its yellowy striped skin is entirely edible. There were still plenty of magnificent heirloom tomatoes, which I stocked up on, knowing in another month they will disappear completely. And it wouldn’t be Fall if there weren’t a plethora of apples on display, all in vibrant shades of green, red and pink. I plucked up a few Honeycrisp, which I love for their tart, sweet crispness. Another gem that stood out were the golden Asian pears, which were intensely sweet, crisp and perfumed with a lychee flavor. I could on, but why take it from me? Stop by your own local farmer’s market and sample some of the season’s best while you still can.

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