Jan 21

Hailing from Central Coast Wines in Paso Robles, California this Cabernet Franc is what is known at Trader Joe’s as a “binge buy”. While there were several cases stacked in a prominent corner one Saturday afternoon in December I am told that they are now completely sold out. This wine stuck out like a sore thumb not just because its graphic black and white label features an exposed derriere front and center. 100% Cabernet Franc as a varietal is not widely spotted, especially at places like Trader Joe’s for $6.99 a pop. Suspicious of the price, but finding it too intriguing to pass up, I picked up a bottle to save for a rainy day. With velvety berry flavors at the jump and appropriate herbal notes in the background, this wine offers enough complexity to make it a good value. Smoother in mouthfeel and lighter in body than your typical Cabernet Sauvignon, Lazy Bones is a nice change of pace for an inexpensive house wine.

5 Responses to “Friday Wine Finds: Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc”

  1. Kim says:

    We’ve got it in Athens, GA – y’all come on down! Know what else is cool about the label? It glows in the dark!! I kid you not.

  2. The Old Bear says:

    I just purchased Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc at the Trader Joe’s in Boston earlier this week, so it is still available.

    And, my compliments on the photograph, especially the beautiful feline background.

  3. John says:

    don’t forget the glow in the dark label!

  4. janice says:

    IS the Lazy bones still available anywhere?

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