Oct 21

This Fall season has been especially busy with private wine tastings. For the tasting line up I tried to choose a selection that would best reflect this time of year, and was pleased to stumble upon one that fits the bill perfectly.  Chateau Bois Redon Bordeaux 2008 is a little gem of a wine that is quickly becoming a personal favorite.  At $9 a bottle, with the complexity of a wine three times its price, it is an easy choice for my seasonal house red.

This claret wine is lighter in style, meant to be drunk young and has a bright cherry note on the nose and palate. The predominance of Merlot in its blend allows it be fruit forward yet a subtleness of sweet spice gives enough depth to keep it interesting. Unlike “classical” style Bordeaux,  there is just a hint of oak which helps structure the wine and add a slight under current of vanilla and spice to the profile.  The low to moderate tannins and delicate body make it perfect to enjoy with lighter meats like fowl and pork, and you will not go wrong pairing it with your entire Thanksgiving Day spread.  Indeed if there was ever a complex wine light enough to endure a day’s worth of eating, this could be it.

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