Jan 28

Labeled as “marinated feta”, this supple Australian creation is best described as velvety cubes of goat cheese anointed with an herb-infused extra virgin olive oil. It is produced by Meredith Dairy, a family run farm in Meredith, Victoria that has received numerous awards for its sheep and goat’s milk cheese and yogurt.

I stumbled upon this cheese a year or so ago when I was shopping for Greek salad essentials and decided to try a new variety of feta. Momentarily put off by the steep price tag (about $11.00 for a small 7 oz tin) I was intrigued by its Australian origins and the bath of olive oil the cheese sat nestled in.

After breaking a few pieces into my salad I quickly realized I was not handling the dry, crumbly form of feta from Greece or Bulgaria, but something more akin in texture to a young goat’s cheese. One bite, and a creamy lusciousness coated my tongue, further confirming my suspicion that this was no ordinary cheese.  With a mild flavor that only hints at its goat’s milk composition, and an enrobing of olive oil that does nothing but enhance its richness, Meredith Dairy marinated feta became the star of the show in an otherwise ho-hum Greek salad.

While an easy way to elevate a simple compilation of ingredients, this goat’s cheese can be best appreciated just spread across a piece of crusty bread.  However you choose to enjoy it, be forewarned that it is luxury in every sense of the word.  You can rationalize the expense, as I do, knowing that its olive oil marinade extends its shelf life considerably. There is no risk of this lavish ingredient spoiling anytime soon. Of course that’s assuming the unlikely scenario that it is around long enough to pose a problem.

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