Jun 18

My wife Molly gave birth to our first child this past week on Friday.  Both mother and baby Peter are happy and healthy, but of course tired.  As there are no recipes that I am aware of that can made with colostrum or breast milk, I decided to jump in with a guest post.  As her husband, who is not that skilled in the culinary arts, I thought I would change the pace of things and do a poll.

Alex’s pick: A few years ago I would have said, “Chocolat”, as I like the French old town view and the use of chocolate, and perhaps with the birth of my my son this week, its more likely that many viewings of the cartoon “Ratatouille” will be in my future the next five years, yet I would have to say that my vote goes to “No Reservations.” Not being a chef and never having seen my wife working the line, it gives me a little bit of a portrayal of a line cook experience that my wife knows so well.  While the motif of chocolate is not prevalent, Catherine Zeta Jones always serves as sweet addition to a film.   The girl from “Little Miss Sunshine” (Abigail Breslin) plays the role of Zoe well.  I understand that the film is a remake of “Mostly Martha”, but not having seen that, I am going with “No Reservations.”  So cook up some popcorn and make it a movie night.

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